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RCA Victor A274 45rpm Turntable - $50.00RCA 66X1 - $80.00RCA Victor 9X571 "Bullhorn" - $85.00Zenith G516-W "Owl Eyes" Clock Radio - $40.00Zenith 5D011-Z Consoltone - $85.00Westinghouse H210L5 "Space Maker" - $40.00
Silvertone 3025 Clock Radio - $40.00RCA Victor 66BX "Globe Trotter" - $35.00RCA Victor 65-X2 - $75.00Philco 42-PT2 - $50.00Philco 46-420 - $100.00Philco 52-940 - $175.00
Olympic Opta Bella Lexus 5711W - $275.00Motorola 5P23E-1 Roto-Tenna - $50.00Bendix Aviation Corp. 300W - $100.00Arvin 451 or 450-TL - $100.00Emerson 509 Table Radio (1945/46) - $125.00Howard Green Diamond Cathedral - $125.00
Philco 21 Cathedral - $90.00Silvertone 1908 Tombstone - $100.00

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