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Arcturus Blue Tube Type 124 Arcturus Blue Tube Type 124.   Arcturus tulip shaped blue tube. Tests 34 for spec value of 25 on TV7 tester. First used in 1929 vintage AC operated radios. Will be carefully packed for safe delivery. Add $7.50 for priority mail to lower 48.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $25.00.  (ends 11/20/2018)  (0000018)
Arcturus Blue Tube Type 127 Arcturus Blue Tube Type 127.   Arcturus tulip shaped blue tube. Tests 62 for spec value 35 on TV7 tester. Used in 1929 vintage AC operated radios. Carefully packed for safe delivery. Add $7.50 for priority mail to lower 48.  Al Guy.   E-mail:  $30.00.  (ends 11/20/2018)  (0000017)

Eye Tube 6AB5/6N5 Eye Tube 6AB5/6N5.   National Union 6AB5/6N5, good used green eye tube.  Don Maurer.   E-mail:  $15.00.  (ends 9/23/2018)  (0000120)

Tubes (4X150 Tubes, Lot of 20) Tubes (4X150 Tubes, Lot of 20).   A lot of 20 NOS 4X150 Tubes various manufacturers. They were tested, and pulled. I have verified all the filaments, and they are all good. These tubes operate up to 500MC with 75 Watts output if forced cooled. Excellent for mobile Operation. Shipping: Flat rate $20 Domestic only.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $195.00.  (ends 11/20/2018)  (0000051)
Tubes and Carry Case Tubes and Carry Case.   Lots of tubes. All kinds, and sizes. There are about 150 tubes, and some are NOS (new old stock). I have not run any of these through a tube checker. There are a few that may not be NOS, but most are, and they are in original boxes. The case is in good shape, and is included in the sale. Shipping: FedEx ground actual cost.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $250.00.  (ends 11/20/2018)  (0000050)

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