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Heathkit 1-MW-11 Meter Heathkit 1-MW-11 Meter.   Nice meter.  Joseph F. Rebar.   E-mail:  $20.00.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000006)
Hickok 620 TV Linear Pattern Generator (1949) Hickok 620 TV Linear Pattern Generator (1949).   This Crystal Controlled Linearity-Pattern (LP) Generator was designed to help the service man in the proper service of TV receivers. It can be used for many purposes, including: vertical & horizontal linearity adjustments (including hold controls), trouble shooting when no TV transmitter is on the air (like now), receiver sensitivity, horizontal deflection circuit for hum, and many other uses. It powers up but is untested and sold as-is (one of the screws on the front is stripped so it will have to be drilled out to get inside). Includes no power cord (cheater type needed) and no test cord. Original manual is included. I have digital copy of manual and can email to you, or visit this site for a free download. Shipping is extra: it weighs 10 lbs and is 11"W x 9"H x 7"D.  Phil Bartells.   E-mail:  $20.00.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000060)

Meter - Military (NAVY) SWR Meter Analyzer Meter - Military (NAVY) SWR Meter Analyzer.   I think this is an old Navy SWR meter, and analyzer. I do not know if it works, but it looks all intact. It has a date code of Dec 1969. I think I used to use this while in the Navy. Sold as is NO return. Shipping: Actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $19.99.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000048)
Micronta 21-525A Field Strength and SWR Meter Micronta 21-525A Field Strength and SWR Meter.   Micronta field strength and SWR meter. Made for Tandy Corp. 3 to 30 MHZ, handles up to 1 KV. With box, and instructions. Sold as is NO returns. Shipping: Actual cost USPS.  Lenny Bickford.   E-mail:  $10.00.  (ends 12/21/2018)  (0000045)


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